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Colors & Dyeing

The dyes and colors we use for printing and embroidery purpose are of superior quality and never bleed. We only choose materials that best suit your branding needs and perfectly go with the garments fabric. Color is one of the most fundamental aspects of apparel design which contributes greatly to the overall visual effect of a finished fabric. Having your own apparels to match your corporate/favorite color is a vital process in ensuring your apparels outstanding & unique in the market. And dying is the process of impregnating fiber, yarn or fabric with dyestuff.

Coloration can be achieved at two possible times in the manufacturing process – either by dyeing the fiber or yarn before the fabric is knitted or by dyeing the knitted fabric before the actual cutting & sewing.By standardizing the colors, we use Pantone system as our primary method of color matching, you may provide CMYK & RGB value or an actual/physical item too, and we will match the color for you.

Common Colours

Special Dyed Colours (Dyed on Demand)